How to you request for a quotation / offer ?

On our websites we are doing our upmost to offer you an easy way to request a quotation / offer or pass an order for customized golf items..
You customize the product you wish yourself and our website will calculate the total cost, including all charges as set-up, printing, shipping and VAT, as you get along.

How do you proceed ?
(in this explanation we use the word “printing”, but this will also apply on any other customizing as f.i. embroidering.)

On the homepage of our website you make your choice of an article group and in the second screen your choice of product you would like to customize.

Product page
As soon as you get to the individual product page, you will already see a price at the bottom right; this is the price for the smallest possible order quantity and the cheapest customizing (normally one colour logo) for this product.
Whilst you start filling out the different choices as stated hereunder, the price will immediately be readjusted according to the choices you make, so you will always have the actual price (in this stage still without VAT and shipping charges).

To be able to offer you a complete and detailed quotation / offer, we ask you to fill out the following choices:

  • set-up charges: these are the charges for making a digital film, cliché and / or silicone pad we will need for the actual printing.
    In how many colours do you want the actual printing (your logo that is maybe made up off five different colours, can also be printed in just one colour if you wish).
  • printing: In how many colours do you want the actual printing (idem set-up).
  • upload logo: you can directly upload your logo from your computer to our server.
  • text / URL to print: maybe you only wish to print a text or internet address or you would like to add a text or URL to a logo. (this artwork will be made up by us, if possible, at no extra charge).
  • PMS colour(s) to print: if you can provide us with the PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers of the colours you want, we can print the correct colours.
  • logo / printing on 2nd side: if you would like to print another or the same logo on the opposite side, please choose this option en fill out the same choices as above for the second logo.
  • further there could be some other options to fill out as colour of the ball, choice of packing etc. as far as they are available with the product.
  • quantity: the number of items you would like, taken in account the minimum order and packing of the product.
    In case you fill out a number that does not correspond with the minimum order or packing, the website will automatically readjust to the closest available quantity and iform you of this change.
  • you will now see the total price for the product as you have customised it, but still excluding VAT and shipping charges.
  • questions / remarks ?: fill them out here, they will be sent together with your request.
  • + shopping cart: you can now add this product to your shopping cart and if you wish, ask for other quotations before you send the shopping cart off.

Shopping cart
In your shopping cart you will find a complete detail of your quotation request.

  • product: the product(s) you asked a quotation for.
  • edit: if you would like to change the request for this product, just click here and you will be send back to the individual product page where you can make your changes.
  • price: the total price of the product you requested.
  • quantity: as a verification, this should normally be “1”. If for instance it says “2” here, this means you have made exactly the same request twice. In this case you should go back to the product page and change the quantity of one of the two orders so you will profit from the possible tier prices.
  • sub total = column price x column quantity.

Total price shopping cart

  • sub total: the total amount of your shopping cart (excl. VAT and shipping).
  • shipping charges: in this stage the shipping charges are automatically calculated taking in account the choice of country you made top right on the website and the total weight of all items in your shopping cart. Further on in your quotation request or order you will be able to specify the requested delivery address and the shipping charges will then be updated.
    (the shipping charges will be made up for the total content of your shopping cart and for delivery to one single address).
    For more information on the shipping charges, rates and weights, please look under “shipping and deliver”.
  • VAT: Marcs Golfshop is established in Belgium and the standard Belgian VAT of 21% will be calculated here. In case you have a VAT number and billing and shipping will be outside Belgium but within the European Union, the exemption of VAT will be applied for and confirmed to you in a later stage (for the application online we would need your VAT number and company details).
  • Now you can choose between sending your request for a quotation or in case you are convinced of your choice, directly change your request to an order.
    For more information on passing through an order, please look under “Your order”.

Confirmation of your quotation request
On this last screen, you will find an overview of the products you want to ask a quotation for and you can add general questions or remarks or even questions or remarks specific to one of the products.

To be able to treat your request and to send you a quotation by e-mail we ask you to fill out a few details as name and e-mail address.

The shipping charges in the shopping cart were calculated on the base of your choice of country on the website. By filling out the requested delivery address here, we can send you an exact quote for the shipping (f.i. to another country) together with the quotation we will send you.

When you are ready to confirm your quotation request, please click on “send request”.
Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation of you quotation request by e-mail, with further details on the processing of the request.In the following 24 hours we will send you a complete quotation by e-mail, confirming all charges as set-up, printing, packaging, shipping and VAT and we will also confirm the expected delivery.

In case you have any more questions or remarks regarding a quotation request, please do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail on or by telephone during office hours at +32 (0)50 344 617.

With kind regards,

Marc Loeffen
Marcs Golfshop