Wilson Prostaff HMI III putter

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Two Way Putter

Product description

Wilson Prostaff HMI (High Moment of Inertia) III putter with heel and toe weight screws to deliver extra head stability (high MOI) and accuracy and with a soft micro injection face insert for great consistent soft feel.
  • heel and toe weighted two extra weights in the heel and toe of the head for more stability (high MOI – Moment of Inertia) and accuracy.
  • face balanced where the centre of gravity is directly below the axis of the shaft, basically meaning it will straighten a putting stroke on the forward motion. This type of balance will suit those who have a straight stroke that goes 'back and through'.
    (face balanced: putter whose face faces upwards when you balance the shaft on your finger).
  • micro injection insert face where the metal club face is replaced with a soft insert. The soft insert extends the contact time between the ball and the club for a better feedback and more control on the length of your put.
    Another advantage of using such a light insert means the weight of the putter can be redistributed elsewhere on the putter face. Therefore the weight is added to the heel and toe of the putter offering a wider area for pure strikes, hence more forgiveness. The soft insert often gives you a better feel playing the harder distance balls.
  • top lines on the club head, together with the markings on the ball, will help aiming your putt.
  • steel shaft for maximum feel.
  • heel-shafted where the shaft attaches to the rear of the putter head.
  • length: 35” – 89 cm.
  • weight: 525 gr.
  • paddle style grip with a flat edge facing away your body for a good position of your thumbs