Tour Spin wedge

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Tour Spin wedge - achterkant

Product description

These Tour Spin wedges have a classic head design made of stainless steel with brushed anti-glare finish. Wedges with different lofts and bounce angles for any distance to or position and situation around the green.
  • gap wedge: 52° loft – 10° bounce angle.
  • sand wedge: 56° loft – 16° bounce angle.
  • lob wedge: 60° loft – 12° bounce angle.
  • lob+ wedge: 64° loft – 10° bounce angle.
  • stainless steel club head.
  • brushed anti-glare finish.
  • steel shaft.

  • loft: the angle in degrees of the face of the club with respect to the shaft. The higher the loft and thus the angle in degrees, the higher will be the trajectory of your ball with less distance.

    bounce angle: the angle formed by the front of the club face (leading edge) and the ground. A higher bounce angle reduces the risk of digging in the ground, especially on moist fairways. Too high a bounce angle can make it difficult to get under the ball.

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