MD Golf Black Hawk Platinum hybrid - ladies

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MD Black Hawk Platinum hybride

Product description

In the size of the club head as well as in the length of the shaft, the hybrid positions itself in-between a long iron and a fairway wood and thus combines the advantages of both clubs: easier to play than the long iron and better manoeuvrable than a fairway wood.
  • hybrid Nº 4 - 21º loft
  • hybrid Nº 5 - 24º loft
  • stainless steel club head
  • weight low and back for optimum launch angle and stability.
  • turf resistant sole.
  • top picture to help lining up your club.
  • Black Hawk graphite shafts – lady flex.
  • head cover with zipper.

  • Hybrid: the low centre of gravity gets the ball airborne and the round club head and cambered sole makes the ball easier to play from any position on the fairway or in the rough. It can also be used from the tee or for longer approach shots from higher grass.

    Hybrids have been developed for higher and mid handicap players who often have problems with the longer irons. Low handicap players will miss the manoeuvrability of the longer irons to play fades, draws or lower penetrating balls.