Fairway Hoppa winter tyres (2) - 14 inch wheels

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Fairway Hoppa winter tyres 12"

Product description

The set of two Fairway Hoppa winter tyres is available for 10”, 12” et 14" wheels and are easy to fit on the wheels of most brands of standard golf trolleys. On many golf courses, where you are not allowed to use your trolley during the winter periods and you will have to carry your bag, trolleys with winter tyres are often admitted on the course.

The parabolic rubber studs of the Fairway Hoppa reduce contact with the soil surface and glide over the surface leaving little or no impression.
The winter tyres fit over the wheels of your golf trolley and protect the fairway in all weather conditions. On top of that it makes your trolley easier to pull or push by reducing the pulling / pushing weight by up to 40%. The Fairway Hoppa can lso be left on all year.